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Queer Cabaret at Harlows

The Monthly Queer Cabaret Show at Harlows by The Darling Clementines is an exquisite and high-caliber monthly event, showcasing the best in burlesque and drag. Held on the last Sunday of every month, this show is a dazzling display of polished and impactful performances, set in an ambiance of glamour and sophistication. Each act is carefully curated to bring an unforgettable experience that combines classic burlesque charm with contemporary flair. This show is the epitome of artistic expression and professional excellence, featuring seasoned performers who bring their most refined and captivating acts to the stage. Perfect for those who appreciate the finesse and artistry of well-established talents in the world of burlesque and drag.

Fresh Squeezed, occurring bi-monthly at Old Ironsides, is a vibrant and innovative show that celebrates both emerging and seasoned performers in the world of burlesque and drag. This show is a dynamic platform for new talents to shine alongside experienced artists, offering a fresh and eclectic mix of performances. Each show is an exploration of creativity and diversity, welcoming a wide range of styles and acts. Fresh Squeezed is ideal for performers taking bold steps in their artistic journey and for audiences eager to experience the cutting-edge and diverse future of burlesque and drag performance. Join us for a night where fresh talent and seasoned artistry blend seamlessly, creating a uniquely exhilarating experience.

Fresh Squeezed at Solomon's

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